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There are numerous important factors that should never be ignored when installing an air conditioning system. A thorough analysis of the anticipated air conditioned space is required taking into consideration things like square footage and whatever other factors needed in order for a properly sized unit.


Air conditioning units are designed to operated uninterruptedly potentially removing excess humidity while providing a cooling affect at the same time. However,  an over-sized unit will constantly run both starting & stopping leading to a decreased lifespan along with other potential both mechanical and electrical problems.


Needless to say, a unit must be properly charged and both its pressures and amperage draw checked when first started.

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Air Conditioning repairs are usually a result of simple neglect. Low refrigerant charge, as well as an over-charge, frozen and/or dirty evaporator and/or condenser coils, clogged drains, improper thermostat set points and other factors can lead to small & minor air conditioning repairs -  or possibly complete compressor failure.


Ambient temperature is a huge factor which affects an air conditioner's potential and should never be over-looked or ignored.


Both mechanical and electrical problems are sometimes directly related. A system trying to start under a high head pressure will draw excessive current @ start up causing the compressor's overload to open & break the circuit until the pressure drops and the protector closes once again.

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Providing regular scheduled maintenance on your air conditioner is essential in order to keep all of its components working properly saving you both time & money.


The first thing we do on our maintenance services is wash & clean the entire unit in order to be able to adequately check its pressures, current draw & electrical components. The thermostat, compressor, evaporator, condenser and filters are only part of the system's overall components along with contactors, capacitors, relays and other electrical components.


We regularly check these issues while informing you of our findings during the process .

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