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20 years experience in the Air Conditioning trade having worked on everything from small refrigerators, to commercial freezers, Commercial Rooftop Units, Commerciasl installations & more. Have provided services to restaurants, fire & police departments, hotels, medical facilities.

Fully trained on all the fundamentals aspects of the A/C trade; electrical, pressure readings, teperature/pressure conversions, discharge pressures & temperatures etc. NATE Certified on mechanical skills, electrical skills, Heat Pump skills, duct design and air distribution.

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E.P.A. HVAC Certification License?

HVAC certification licenses means HVAC technicians are trained and qualified enough to perform installation and repair tasks within their state. Technicians can become certified after passing exams that test a technician’s knowledge of the trade.

There are three types of certifications that HVAC technicians can obtain as professionals. Some states require technicians to become licensed and certified by passing exams, and the federal government regulates certification in the Code of Federal Regulations Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. Some states require technicians to take tests to demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge of the trade before being able to practice as a journeyman. Additionally, the North American Technical Excellence (NATE) is a primary organization certifies technicians. HVAC Excellence is another agency that is accredited as reputable among those in the industry. After completing an approved course of study or an apprenticeship, a technician may take the exam to become certified. HVAC Excellence certification is another body that certifies HVAC technicians as proficient and highly qualified.  In addition to the NATE and HVAC Excellence, there is a federal certification that HVAC technicians must obtain. HVAC technicians must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to purchase refrigerants and dispose of them. Having the knowledge required for passing the exam is critical to being able to do the job properly

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